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At the Baker Environmental Hydraulics Laboratory (BEHL), we experimentally study processes pertaining to the movement and interaction of water, sediment, vegetation, nutrients, contaminates, and manmade structures and machines in fluvial and estuarine systems - including both surface and groundwater. We are interested in understanding the basic dynamics of natural river and coastal systems as well as their interaction with mankind and the build environment.

Research Highlight: Brandon Dillon
Research Highlight: Brandon Dillon

PhD student Brandon Dillon is working to mathematically describe coherent flow processes in rivers and quantify their ability to impart motion to alluvial material.

Highlights and News
¡Rio! gets an upgrade

¡Rio! recently received an upgrade with the help of CEE undergrad Michael Lanza (left) and PhD student Brandon Dillon (right).

An Investigation of Low-Cost High Performance Computing for Small Science

Ph.D. Student Brandon Dillon builds BEHL’s first supercomputer to simulate the complex structure of turbulent flows in rivers and estuaries.

Uncertainty In Stormwater Flow Measurements

Recent laboratory study puts bounds on uncertainty associated with measurements of flow moving through storm sewer systems to inform stormwater science and management.