News and Highlights

  • Research Highlight: Brandon Dillon

    PhD student Brandon Dillon is working to mathematically describe coherent flow processes in rivers and quantify their ability to impart motion to alluvial material.
  • ¡Rio! gets an upgrade

    ¡Rio! recently received an upgrade with the help of CEE undergrad Michael Lanza (left) and PhD student Brandon Dillon (right).
  • An Investigation of Low-Cost High Performance Computing for Small Science

    Ph.D. Student Brandon Dillon builds BEHL’s first supercomputer to simulate the complex structure of turbulent flows in rivers and estuaries.
  • Uncertainty In Stormwater Flow Measurements

    Recent laboratory study puts bounds on uncertainty associated with measurements of flow moving through storm sewer systems to inform stormwater science and management.
  • Research Highlight: Mohamad Rouhnia

    Mohamad Rouhnia is a fourth year PhD student working on the influence of various interface instabilities on the removal of sediment from buoyant freshwater plumes.
  • Research Highlight: Nilay Iscen

    Nilay is a first year PhD student currently studying the hydraulic and topographic co-evolution of cohesive alluvial fans and deltas.